• 9DCD6A05-799C-4AEB-A318-147FCEDC463B
  • 1F387AEE-F6FF-4743-B639-3653991995A7
  • F9EC8D69-AA32-4914-AD21-9F8EDA5C0388
  • 19CD2FFD-0168-420D-AFB2-C3BBBF0E9067
  • 992C2AFC-AC33-40EF-B7E2-0744631A399D
  • 4369DC0B-29C9-4C46-A83D-28FEE967875E
  • E61ED4F8-3DD1-4BE2-A657-ABD152E56648
  • 2E9AF348-928F-4BF6-81C3-3318830496A6
  • DF681BAC-7BF7-4E3A-B43F-A15B2FC71D72

Brake and Clutch


or 6 weekly interest-free payments from $20.83 with Laybuy what's this?

Sick of your speedo being in MPH …we can sort that issue .

Need More Information?

With a simple change of the face plate your speedo will be showing your speed in KPH .

Your odometer will still show in Miles .

These are for  Vrods  – you have the option for VRods with ABS (air breaking System) or VRods without ABS – check on your existing speedo – it will show a small “abs” in the top middle if it has it. Check our other listing for Muscle Vrods.



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