• 8335DE95-D889-49B7-B04D-1BD697487CBB
  • LEG EXT 6
  • 1416C660-C70E-4DD1-8E46-2E3F95AC9F2B
  • 964C5E6F-D344-4D3C-9949-CF98AA6888F1
  • 65D20F59-B9D3-44B1-9C4A-82B9DC4E69A3
  • 9CC35A4E-CF7D-46A1-8E47-60E2792F8052
  • 3FDC7B80-3731-4569-827C-D148DD749645
  • ECFFF74C-D733-4808-B00C-D8422EF98E2E
  • E93F0B47-D6DD-4291-AAC5-CE8363DDB9F8
  • 468ABF8F-658D-4003-931A-180002E57752
  • 8AC4DBE9-1DDC-4BA1-BF79-AC3D47A22846
  • B9E904F2-3547-433B-AEB9-5C89305D8E45

Extended Forward controls


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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These Extended foot controls fit

Night Rods 2012 -2017 and Muscle 20012-2017

Disclaimer: – These are not genuine Harley Davidson Products

CNC Alloy construction

Powdercoated Black

Bolt on

Pegs included

Other models available to order ..please email.  Email Parts@lktrazmotors.co.nz


Additional information

Bike Model

Night Rod 2012-17, Muscle 2012-17


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