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The wrap serves as a thermal blanket which directs the heat out of the exhaust outlet rather than the sides of the pipe, so it can protect your motorbike. In addition, the wrap gives the motorbike a retro, performance specific look.
High Temperature Resistance: It is able to withstand high temperature of up to 500℃/932℉.
Insulation: It can effectively block the heat of the engine exhaust manifold, effectively reduce under-hood temperature, protect power lines and pipelines.
Anti-scalding Protection: It can effectively lower the heat of the motorcycle exhaust pipe to prevent you and your family from scalding when getting on the motorbike.
Corrosion Resistance: It is corrosion resistant to non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum and zinc.
Multifunctional: It has high resistance to abrasions, oil spills, temperatures and vibration breakdown.

Wide Application: Its heat insulation function can be widely used for car exhaust header, exhaust pipe, motorbike exhaust pipe,

Product name: Fiberglass Heat Wrap Tape
Material: High quality fiberglass
Length: 1 x 10m
Width: 2″/50mm
Thickness: 0.06″/1.5mm
Package Contents:
1 X Fiberglass Heat Wrap Tape,
4 X Stainless Steel Zip Ties


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