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  • EFE1E74C-090A-431C-BC85-4176EF89CDD4
  • 839166F1-CF61-4F8A-8386-AD3D4B774EDF

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2013 FXSB Harley Davidson breakout .

1690 cc 6 speed

Super tidy example , Well looked after by the original owner Nz New

Cams have been done Fitted with Adjustable rear shocks .. you can ride this bike down and still have suspension . Fork covers —Led Bullet head light —-Led Tail tidy —18 Inch Mx Bars done right Full internals into the bars

Custom front guard —-Louis Vuitton Seat —-Mx Pegs Lots of blacked out parts—- Custom Tank Console —Pop up fuel cap

Fresh Service 6 months reg 12 month wof


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